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Anti-Racism, Intimacy, and Daring to Be in Discovery

If a genie granted me one wish, it would be to awaken. For me, that means approaching life without filters. I would meet reality as it is and respond with impulses born of the moment, rather than in accord with my habits and programs.

Such an expanded consciousness enables us to have novel experiences, ongoingly, rather than re-enacting patterns that confirm our expectations and limiting beliefs.


Calming Down Our Anxious Brains in the Age of Social Distancing

It’s an odd disjunction to be in a high-touch field—intimacy, and sexuality—during an epoch of social distancing. At the same time, we are living in a time of forced togetherness as couples and families, while grappling with significant anxiety.

Perhaps you feel like the end of days is upon us. Many of us glue ourselves to newsfeeds that tell us the worse is yet to come. While


Compassion is Going Viral in the Face of COVID-19

Here at Passion and Presence, we are well aware that the coronavirus pandemic is a global concern. All of us are facing mounds of uncertainty regarding travel, health, economic well-being, and daily life. In Spain, where Halko and I live, everything but grocery stores, pharmacies, and a few businesses are closing, and residents must stay indoors.

No one can say how long we will be in


My Sex Life Is Good

If you are enjoying a thriving, inspired erotic life with your long-term partner, congratulations. Typically, passion fades after the honeymoon period. That’s why people more often will ask me: “I still care about my partner, but our sex life is boring (terrible/absent/on life support). Can a Passion & Presence® Retreat fix this?”

Both questions share the assumption that our sex lives are either functioning or malfunctioning.

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

Let’s read that together one more time, nice and slow, so it can really sink in for you.

You are not alone.

One of the hardest things anyone can go through in life is to feel alone in a challenging situation. Connection and vulnerability are two crucial aspects of our human experience that help us know our goodness and worth. Keeping to yourself because

Why Consider Mallorca for Passion and Presence?

Have you ever dreamed of vacationing on a beautiful island with your significant other?

As the postcard-perfect star of the Mediterranean, Mallorca has a sunny personality thanks to its 300 days of sunshine per year, ravishing beaches, azure views, remote mountains and soulful hill towns embracing their traditions and bringing their fine roots back to life.

This is why we are hosting Passion & Presence in Mallorca

How Does Healing Happen At Our Retreats?

At our retreats, we meet with every single couple privately. We want to get to know you personally, and support you from one retreat to the next. 

This quickly leads to the next question, ‘what happens during the private sessions?’

Routinely, we begin by asking how we can support your erotic life. A simple, opening question that allows you to guide the conversation to where you are