Tending Eros in Longterm Relationships


August 9-11, 2019

In this introductory retreat, you will learn how mindfulness can revitalize your erotic bond. Tending eros requires cultivating a fresh mindset to overcome the dulling effect of familiarity in long-term relationships. You can recover the intimacy and passion that once was yours by adopting a present, curious and exploratory state of mind.

We will hold space for you to re-access your embodied wholeness as you gently explore your sexual initiation and work together to heal erotic wounds. As you learn to see, touch and share with renewed curiosity and Presence, you will discover where you have been stuck or deadened.

You will come to understand why the intensity of your sexual relationship has waned and how mindfulness can bring it back.

The Venue

M.E.T.A. Training Centre

M.E.T.A. is located on Portland’s southeast side known as the Sunnyside neighborhood. According to Wikipedia, the neighborhood’s motto is “Proud Past, Bright Future.” That certainly fits the intention of Erotic Presence! The area boasts a charming array of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars

The Schedule

Day 1

Morning session 10am -1pm

  • Let’s break the ice (everyone’s nervous to be at a sex retreat!)
  • What we learn about sex is mostly unspoken
  • Eros-inhibiting Imprints
  • Experiential Activity #1
  • Where’s your mind on sex? The danger of models
  • Experiential Activity #2

Free Time 1:00pm – 3:30pm

Afternoon Session 3:30pm – 6:30pm

  • Pure Erotic Potential – how we get it; how we lose it
  • Experiential Activity #1
  • The numbing effect of the “Familiarity Trance” – Just another date night (Yawn)
  • Great sex is a mindset not a skill set
  • Meeting Fresh (again and again)
  • Experiential Activity #2
  • Instructions for Home play

Day 2

Morning Session 10:00am – 1:00pm

  • Tribe Time
  • Conscious Erotic Coupling: What’s mindfulness got to do with it?
  • What’s My Stage?
  • Experiential Activity #1
  • The Novelty Trap
  • Core Features of Mindful Sex
  • Experiential Activity #2

Free Time 1:00pm – 3:30pm

Afternoon Session 3:30pm – 6:30pm

  • Putting the Presence back into the Sex
  • Mindful Touch
  •  Experiential Activity #1
  • From Disenchantment to Re-enchantment
  • Cultivating a State of Mind for Creative, Intimate Sex
  • Experiential Activity #2
  •  Instructions for Home play

Day 3

Morning Session 9:30am – 12:30pm

  • Mindfulness Three Ways
  •  Scanning for Pleasure
  • Tribe Time
  • In the Beginning, there was sex…
  • Mending Sexual Wounds by Planting Hearts
  • Experiential Activity #1

Lunch 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Afternoon Session 1:30pm-4:00pm*

  • The Growth Cycle: Waking Up is Hard to do (and oh so rewarding!)
  • Seeing Fresh
  • Experiential Activity #1
  • Making a Lifelong Home for Eros
  • Experiential Activity #2
  • Closing Circle

The Tuition

The full tuition for Part 1 is $1495.00 per couple, however, we have REALLY Early Bird rates and Early Bird rates. The earlier you register, the cheaper the tuition is.

This tuition includes participation in the retreat, individualized coaching throughout the weekend, a 30-minute private session with Maci & Halko and light refreshments on breaks.

*Tuition does not include travel, accommodations or meals.

REALLY Early Bird Tuition $1245

($250 discount)
$500 non-refundable deposit
Register and pay deposit by March 1, 2019 

EARLY Bird Tuition $1345

($150 discount)
$500 non-refundable deposit
Register and pay deposit by April 15, 2019