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You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

Let’s read that together one more time, nice and slow, so it can really sink in for you.

You are not alone.

One of the hardest things anyone can go through in life is to feel alone in a challenging situation. Connection and vulnerability are two crucial aspects of our human experience that help us know our goodness and worth. Keeping to yourself because you feel less than or different in what you are facing separates you from people who want to support you. People who get it.

We can all agree that long-term relationships are hard. While the good times are plentiful, feeling close and sexually connected is tough when you’re struggling. We have so much fear of judgment that we may pretend we are fine when we’re not.

At Passion & Presence® Retreats, you will be among friends. We wouldn’t host retreats if YOU were the only one going through your current struggles! It’s as simple as that!

As leaders, Halko and I know first hand the struggles of long-term erotic coupling. We’ve successfully used our challenges to grow into our fuller selves. And, so can you!

Passion & Presence® Retreats are designed for you and your long-term partner to connect to each other through mindfulness. You will start to understand that sexuality is a powerful magnet for unhealed wounds and also the place where we can recover freedom, expression, and vitality.

But don’t worry– you will never have to speak if you’re uncomfortable or if you’re not ready to open up, and you’ll never be asked to have sex in front of anyone. You and your partner will work together in private, at your pace.

The beauty of these gatherings is the safe space we create for healing, connection, and fun. You have the potential to make friends for life at our retreats. Some couples get together year after year, like the group that is joining us in the wine country in Oregon in August.

Remember, you are not alone, no one here will judge you, and our hearts are open to embracing you and your partner just as you are. Join us for a Passion & Presence® Retreat.


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