Awaken your mindful sensuality and reconnect with your partner with Passion and Presence.

Most romantic relationships follow a predictable pattern of initial enchantment followed by inevitable disenchantment. But relationships don’t have to stay in disenchantment or end! Passion and Presence offers readers a proven path back to connection and intimacy — often in deeper ways than before. Sex therapist Maci Daye draws on her popular international Passion and Presence workshops to show couples how their erotic difficulties can be a portal to creativity, compassion, and unparalleled growth.

THE ART OF BOTTOM-UP PROCESSING: Mindfulness, Meaning, and Self-Compassion in Body Psychotherapy, Chapter 26

HALKO WEISS AND MACI DAYE speak to how a “Bottom-Up” approach (attention to embodied experience to inform cognition) is necessary to reveal the true meaning of the self. They describe how reflection, a standard process in psychoanalysis, is a “top-down” activity susceptible to numerous cognitive biases.  In this chapter, they eloquently argue that mindfulness is a “bottom-up” process involving observation of embodied experience that is particularly useful in contacting a client’s self-compassion.

Have We Forgotten About Sex? by Maci Daye in Somatic Therapy Today: Spring 2012: Page 38

In this short essay, Maci describes how mindfulness can enliven eros in relationships and urges body-psychotherapists to use their unique skill set to support their clients’ sexual healing.

Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy: 
A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice

Hakomi is an integrative method that combines Western psychology and body-centered techniques with mindfulness principles from Eastern psychology. This book, written and edited by members of the Hakomi Institute— the world’s leading training program for Hakomi practitioners—provides all the processes and practices that therapists need in order to use this method with clients.

Read the Introduction, written by Maci Daye, Hakomi Trainer.