If you want to build a life with someone, you want more than great sex — you also want a deeply intimate and loving connection.

We offer mindful sexuality retreats and webinars for couples who want to revitalize their sex life and create a more passionate, engaged, and heart-full love relationship.

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Mindfulness is bringing gentle awareness to our immediate experience. When applied to sexuality, mindfulness cultivates curiosity, heart-fullness and a spirit of exploration.

Mindful sexuality is more than titillating moments of pleasure and arousal. It’s about real life and real life sex.

Most of us chase pleasure without opening to the fullness of life, but real life sex is the whole enchilada: The yummy, tangy, hot, succulent bites and the heartburn that sometimes comes with it.

Real life sex is dealing with feelings of embarrassment, shame, inadequacy and fear if we’ve been hurt or see ourselves as defective.

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Real life sex is…

being tired and stressed a lot of the time

having periods of no sex

wondering if we’re “normal”

having conflicting feelings about sex

being afraid to ask for what we want

If you want a more vital and collaborative
erotic life, we’re here to help.

Our mission is to help real couples find loving ways to deal with the real life challenges of long-term erotic coupling.

We help partners who struggle with their different preferences, needs and styles become caring and cooperative allies.

We help tired and stressed couples who see sex as another “to do” rediscover a regenerating, no-pressure erotic connection.

We help couples in an erotic “dormancy” period wake up gently by approaching each other in non-threatening, non goal-oriented ways.

We help people who don’t want illness, aging, stress, parenting, heartbreak or previous erotic wounding (aka “real life”) to stop them from having a loving and deeply pleasurable erotic connection.

If you are too stressed and tired to access your erotic energy, we can help you experience the joy of rejuvenating no-pressured sex.

If you are dealing with bodily changes due to aging, pregnancy and illness, we can help you find new pathways to pleasure that honor your changing capacities.

If you are falling into numbing sexual routines, we can help you recover the mystery that once was yours.

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Real life does not have to stop you from having a loving, pleasurable and deeply connected erotic life.

We are here to support your unfolding and deepening as a couple.

Explore our signature four-part series, Tending Eros in Longterm Relationships, below, or read more about our philosophy.

Tending Eros in Long-term Relationships

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My heart has never been so full of gratitude as it is when I think of the experience of attending this great workshop. It is seriously a game changer for us!
The tools we have gained over the past year have allowed us to face life circumstances as a team vs. separate and further wounded. It has allowed more compassion and passion as a couple.
We’ve been friends for 19 years lovers for 11, and we’re seeing each other in new ways. We came home with a strong feeling of connectedness and a renewed sexual spark.