Part 2:

Becoming a Conscious Erotic Team

A three-day virtual retreat: January 29, 30, 31, 2021

As our relationships develop, we face ongoing challenges to intimacy and desire. These challenges can lead to conflict and disengagement or can be a portal to creativity, connection, and growth.

In Part Two of the Passion and Presence® retreats for couples, you will discover how an undefended way of loving opens the door to awakened intimacy.

Erotic Cooperation involves appreciating your different rhythms, levels of desire, and arousal pathways, and consciously working with your reactive states. Doing so requires befriending yourself with curiosity and compassion and sharing your discoveries. While many of us hide our pains to protect against hurt, this disconnects us further from our partner, eros, and ourselves.

Just as growth is evident when the first shoots surface from beneath the soil, our erotic connection grows whenever we disclose the hurts and fears that underly our self-protective strategies.

Time and again, we have seen couples transform what felt like challenging impasses into catalysts for connection by merely sharing the deeper—often hidden—vulnerabilities at the core of their conflicts.


Part 2:



With Maci Daye & Halko Weiss

8 am – noon (Pacific)
11 am – 3 pm (Eastern)

BREAK: Noon – 2 pm (Pacific)
3 – 5 pm (Eastern)


With Julia Corley

2 pm – 4 pm (Pacific)
5 pm – 7 pm (Eastern)



With Maci Daye & Halko Weiss

8 am – noon (Pacific)
11 am – 3 pm (Eastern)

BREAK: Noon – 2 pm (Pacific)
3 – 5 pm (Eastern)


With Julia Corley

2 pm – 4 pm (Pacific)
5 pm – 7 pm (Eastern)



With Maci Daye & Halko Weiss

8 am – 12:30 pm (Pacific)
11 am – 3:30 pm (Eastern)

BREAK: A 30 min and 15 min break will happen during the session.

Why us? How are we different from other retreats?

Are you wondering if this is the right couple’s retreat for you? If so, consider these touchstones to see if we are a good fit:

Our specialty is helping you update your sexual operating system.

Sexual problems often have little to do with sexual function or poor technique and a lot to do with what encodes in the “operating systems” of our erotic lives. These are your beliefs and mindsets based on early learning and past experiences. We will show you how to access and transform these deeper imprints to heal and grow together.
Our “sex workshops” are about so much more than sex.
Passion and Presence is a path and practice, not a one-off solution to sexual problems. For us, sex is a portal to “Awakened Intimacy,” which is the practice of bringing curiosity to our experiences in bed.  Learning how to be with what’s happening now, including the complicated feelings that often arise during partner sex, is the path to pleasure, connection, and healing.
It’s complicated—and it’s all about real-life and real-life sex.

We make no false promises; there is no formula for sexual satisfaction that will endure through every season. In all long-term relationships, sex becomes complicated. Instead of resisting, fixing, or ignoring our real-life struggles, we can plumb our depths (gently and mindfully) to discover what is standing between us and our pure erotic potential.

It’s a paradox that we can open up to more creativity, freedom, and self-expression by befriending our difficulties.

We combine the East’s perennial wisdom with the best of Western neuroscience and contemporary sex therapy.

Mindfulness is central to everything we do. As a real-life couple ourselves, we’ve been practicing and teaching mindfulness for decades, and we use it to deepen our emotional and sexual connection every day.

While mindfulness teaches us how to be with real-life in a curious and accepting way, we incorporate proven ways to transform based on brain science. Maci is a certified sex therapist who knows about desire issues, the effects of aging and illness on genital function, and alternate love styles and erotic preferences. She also has training in working with trauma.

We help you team-up.

Again and again, we hear that teaming up around sex and the felt sense of “being in it together” is the biggest “takeaway” of Passion and Presence.

Even the most loving couples end up arguing, defending, blaming, or hiding from each other. We get it; we’ve been there too. When you recognize that you are engaging in understandable “protective patterns,” you can begin to hold hands through the hard stuff. Helping you connect around divisive issues is our priority, whether inside or out of the bedroom.

You’re the boss, and you don’t need fixing.

You won’t find diagnoses or judgment here. We aren’t “fixers,” but we are gentle, non-pathologizing, sex-positive, and trauma-sensitive.

Roles, norms, and labels are changing rapidly, and we’re in confusing yet exciting times filled with uncertainty and possibility.

We celebrate that our experiences are unique, and in doing so, we can access our innate sense of wisdom, compassion, and aliveness.

If you’ve read this far and aren’t sure, wait a bit (but not too long since we might fill up and offer an early registration discount!). If this description speaks to you and you’re ready to invest in your relationship’s vitality for the long-haul, hit the register button. We’re excited to be with you on your journey!



Before signing up, please read through the following to determine if this online retreat is right for you. 


It’s a no-go if:

NOTE: If you aren’t sure if you are ready for the retreat, email us:
We’ll set up an online call to determine if now is the right time to join us.


Please consider staying at a hotel to immerse yourself in your relationship for the duration of the retreat. If you have children and will be staying at home, please hire a babysitter, or if it is safe to do so, have them stay at a friend’s house. 

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Part 2:

Part 2 is a three-day program that we are aiming to make as interactive and engaging as possible. We will livestream during the times listed on the schedule. For some meditations, exercises, and talks, you’ll receive recordings. There will be break-out rooms and off-camera exercises each day, so you don’t have to worry about screen fatigue. And, we’ll take ample breaks each day.


January 2021


Friday, Saturday, Sunday (3 days)
January 29, 30, & 31, 2021


Price Per Couple $1195

Early Bird $1095 until November 30, 2020

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