Tending Eros is a four-part mindfulness-based training for couples. Each retreat combines lecture, discussion and non-sexual experiential activities to learn and practice the model. Gentle assignments, completed in the evenings and on breaks, enable participants to develop the skill of mindful, erotic co-investigation.

Our training programs are conducted in a safe, judgement-free environment by two licensed psychotherapists who have been practicing and teaching mindfulness for decades.

You may take as few or many retreats as you like, but they must be taken in sequence. Please join us!

For more information, please take a look at the brochure for the couple’s retreat series starting soon.


“The tools we have gained over the past year have allowed us to face life circumstances as a team vs. separate and further wounded. It has allowed more compassion and passion as a couple. We are most grateful.”

About Tending Eros in Long-Term Relationships

Tending Eros is a four-part training for couples that want to renew, restore or deepen their erotic connection. Just as a garden needs care and attention, a thriving erotic life needs tending or it will wither on the vine.

As our relationship changes, we are faced with ongoing challenges to intimacy and desire. These challenges can lead to conflict and disengagement or be a portal to creativity, connection and growth. The Tending Eros program is for couples that want to harness this transformational potential and become a conscious and engaged erotic team.

Each retreat is organized around a key “nutrient” to revitalize your “garden” and harvest the growth potential of a particular issue:

We want your “garden” to flourish for a lifetime, not just a season, which is why the retreats must be taken in order. The skills and practices taught in Presence, Cooperation, Expression and Attunement build on one another and can transform these common erotic challenges into opportunities for renewal, healing and growth.

The training format consists of morning mindfulness followed by “group time” and one-on-one support from the leaders. We intentionally foster an environment where couples support other couples. This dissolves the silence around sexuality that leads so many of us to feel deficient and ashamed. Rest assured, however, that we also respect your privacy. You will never be required to share explicit details about your sex life.

Throughout the day, we give short talks on mindful sexuality followed by experiential (non sexual) exercises that you complete under the supervision and modeling of the leaders. These exercises are designed to strengthen your emotional and erotic connection.

You will also receive private exercises to complete before and after group sessions. These are not hands-on techniques, but rather gentle guidelines to cultivate a present and exploratory state of mind. Most participants find that the exercises add safety, particularly if you’re at an impasse, but you can always modify them to fit your individual needs.

Regardless of whether you’re in a sexual draught or fully nourished erotically, Tending Eros will help you establish a more awake and passionate erotic life.

Learn how to use mindfulness to rekindle your sex life and transform your relationship by attending our retreats. Explore the four-part series below.

Or, if you’re not ready for a four-part commitment but want to join us for a workshop or webinar, we invite you to view our upcoming events schedule.