How We De-Eroticize Our Partner in Good Times and Bad: The Biopsychology of Love and Lust


  • Learn why desire discrepancies are hidden at the start of a relationship to help you grow into a fuller self.
  • Recognize why trying to recreate the sex you once had is preventing you from having the best sex of your life.
  • Understand why feeling “warm and connected” may be detrimental to your sex life.
  • Move your sex life from “ho-hum” to “yum” in an instant by repairing erotic ruptures.
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Product Description

Credits: 1.5 AASECT CEs
Delivery: Download the webinar and watch at your convenience.
Created for: Helping Professionals, Couples and Individuals
Cost: $30.00

Webinar Overview: Once upon a time therapists thought that sex was a by-product of an intimate relationship. We now know that emotional connection can actually stifle eroticism by turning lovers into platonic friends. What’s more, certain states of being inhibit eroticism while others enhance it. Learn how to shift into a more erotic state by changing the context when you make love. Understand why finding the right ratio of safety and risk can increase desire in a long-term relationship. This was originally part of a 4-part series called “Accessing Your Erotic Potential As a Couple.”