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FREE Report:  7 Keys to Restore Eroticism in a Long-term Relationship

What We Learned Without Knowing It: Limiting Beliefs Regarding Pleasure, Intimacy and Sex


Course Objectives:

  • Recognize the “hidden” factors that create unpleasant feelings before, during or after sex.
  • Learn how we “sponge in” sex-negative imprints as children and how sticky they are.
  • Understand how these imprints are re-stimulated through state-dependent memory.
  • Use “triggers as trailheads” to erotic wounds and shame marks.
  • Explore ways to dissolve these imprints to access more of your Pure Erotic Potential. 
  • Understand how avoiding erotic challenges prevents you from growing into your fuller self.
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Product Description

Credits: 1.5 AASECT CEs
Delivery: Download the webinar and watch at your convenience.
Created for: Helping Professionals, Couples and Individuals
Cost: $30.00

Webinar Overview: In this webinar, Maci Daye explains that what we learn about sex is often unconscious and non-verbal. These implicit imprints get re-activated during sex, especially when we’ve been with someone for a while. Not understanding the long-term effects of emotional learning, couples may think something is wrong or avoid sex altogether when sex becomes confronting. Maci describes how mindfulness can help us gently access and transform these imprints as a mindful team. This webinar was originally part of a series called “Accessing Your Pure Erotic Potential as a Couple.”