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It’s All In Your Head: Three Common Trances that Dampen Spontaneity & Diminish Desire


Course Objectives:

  • Find out how mindfulness can help you wake up from trance states.
  • Understand why changing how you see magnetizes you to your partner.
  • Learn about the perils of “safe sex” in committed relationships.
  • Discover an alternative to the “novelty solution” to keep sex fresh and creative.
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Product Description

Credits: 1.5 AASECT CEs
Delivery: Download the webinar and watch at your convenience.
Created for: Helping Professionals, Couples and Individuals
Cost: $30.00

Webinar Overview: In this webinar, Maci Daye looks at three everyday trances – Familiarity, Safety, and Performance — that inhibit access to our creativity and sexual aliveness as a couple. A trance is a narrow and distorted view of reality. When we’re in a trance, we don’t see the fullness of life and act automatically. The Familiarity trance causes us to lose curiosity, and; subsequently, the attraction for our partner. The Safety Trance causes us to avoid exposing our true desires and leads to predictable, often numbing sexual routines. The Performance trance turns sex into a pass/fail achievement rather than a mystery to be savored and enjoyed. Learn how the qualities of mindfulness can antidote each of these trances and open the door to a richer, fresher, and more connected erotic relationship with your partner. This webinar was originally part of a 4-part series called “Accessing Your Erotic Potential As a Couple.”