Shh… Are the Kids Asleep Yet?

As a couple do you wonder how to model healthy sexuality to your children?

There are many ways to educate our children about sex. One way is through our words and what we say about sex, but children learn even more enduring lessons by observing our behavior.  Just as you learned about sex by observing how the people around you handled sexuality, your children are also

Resetting to Sexy (Between those Diaper Changes)

Are you the mother of young kids? Do you seem to have swapped desire for diapers?

On becoming proud parents, you’ve seen some of your friends slip into the Not So Sexy Zone, or even the dreaded Sexless Zone, a zone from which few seem to ever fully return. You swore it would never happen to you, but here you are, elbow deep in diapers, and your greatest longings now are centered on getting even one good night’s sleep, or perhaps a relaxing bubble bath. Hot sex, or even sex, seems to be a distant memory, albeit one that may have landed you where you are now.

A Mindful Approach to Your Child’s Emerging Sexuality

Perhaps your small child wants to know what a body part is, say during bath time. Or your son or daughter is dating for the first time, and you are wondering how informed they are when navigating new sexual waters. For many of us, embarrassment and even shame may emerge when we try to talk about these things, despite our best intentions. I was lucky enough to have a mother who was willing to answer with candor my increasingly probing questions about sex, but the statistics show that most of us do not even get the “nuts and bolts” from our parents.