My Sex Life Is Good

If you are enjoying a thriving, inspired erotic life with your long-term partner, congratulations. Typically, passion fades after the honeymoon period. That’s why people more often will ask me: “I still care about my partner, but our sex life is boring (terrible/absent/on life support). Can a Passion & Presence® Retreat fix this?”

Both questions share the assumption that our sex lives are either functioning or malfunctioning.

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

Let’s read that together one more time, nice and slow, so it can really sink in for you.

You are not alone.

One of the hardest things anyone can go through in life is to feel alone in a challenging situation. Connection and vulnerability are two crucial aspects of our human experience that help us know our goodness and worth. Keeping to yourself because

Why Consider Mallorca for Passion and Presence?

Have you ever dreamed of vacationing on a beautiful island with your significant other?

As the postcard-perfect star of the Mediterranean, Mallorca has a sunny personality thanks to its 300 days of sunshine per year, ravishing beaches, azure views, remote mountains and soulful hill towns embracing their traditions and bringing their fine roots back to life.

This is why we are hosting Passion & Presence in Mallorca

How Does Healing Happen At Our Retreats?

At our retreats, we meet with every single couple privately. We want to get to know you personally, and support you from one retreat to the next. 

This quickly leads to the next question, ‘what happens during the private sessions?’

Routinely, we begin by asking how we can support your erotic life. A simple, opening question that allows you to guide the conversation to where you are

Closing the Orgasm Gap, Mindfully

If you’re a woman who sleeps with men, you’ve probably heard of—or experienced–the Orgasm Gap. Also known as the Pleasure Gap, it describes the disheartening reality that men climax much more regularly than women do during partner sex. And while statistics show that hetero hookups fare poorest for women, the odds improve only somewhat for women in long-term relationships.

The Golden Trio

Becoming informed about

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My Sex Life is Great, So Why Come to a Passion & Presence Retreat?

If you are enjoying a thriving, inspired erotic life with your long-term partner, congratulations. Passionate sex is rare for couples that have been together for some time. Typically, passion fades after the honeymoon period. That’s why people more often will ask me:

Embodied Self-Care is Sex-Positive

You may not have a Smartphone yet, but you do have a Smartbody. Everyone does. Our Smartbody knows when to eat, rest, move and make love. It communicates how we feel and connects us to others and the world. So how come we turn to our smartphones and day planners before consulting our bodies? Is it because we are caught between ignoring and

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How to Experience Valentine’s Day the Mindful Way

It’s that time of year again where images of romance, candle-lit dinners, roses, and sexy lingerie herald expectations of great sex.

However, over the years, the weight of domestic burdens combined with over-familiarity can make rapturous sex a distant memory.  After years of being together, you may feel like the novelty is washed up as well. Perhaps you’ve been finishing each other’s sentences from the start,

Is Erotic Expansion on your Resolution List?

Forget those New Year’s Resolutions, Notice the Now

If your sex life as a couple has taken a nose dive over the years, you might be tempted to create New Year’s resolutions to “fix” it. In fact, about a quarter of us make resolutions around relationships at the start of the year; and sadly, few of us keep them. When it comes to a flagging

Finding Passion and Presence In the Crucible of Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a terrifying experience for anyone. My brush with such a diagnosis occurred in September when my doctor urged me to see a urologist to rule out bladder cancer. Medical information abounds online, which is how I became an overnight expert on the two kinds of bladder cancers and the invasive procedures used to diagnose and treat them.