How Can the Body Positive Movement Help my Sex Life?

Recently I watched a TED talk where Whitney Thore showed the courage we sometimes need to live life fully, regardless of what our bodies look like. Whitney talks about being large and the shame that shadowed her because of it. Eventually, she decided to say yes to opportunities, even when–and especially when–she felt uncomfortable doing so. By living wholeheartedly, she triumphed over shame.

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How Joannides is Turning Sex Education Into a Laughing Matter

Who said learning about sex had to be so deadly serious?

You would think that learning about sex might feel, well…fun and sexy. Not so. As a trained sex therapist, I can relate to this statement: “It’s frightening how boring researchers can make an exciting subject.”  That comes from the respected research psychoanalyst Paul Joannides, author of The Guide to Getting it

SECRET PLEASURES: Uncoupling Sex From Shame

“There are two ways to absolve ourselves of shame: One is to speak of it, share it, expose it to the light and watch it burn away. The other is to use it.” Joy Davidson

In our culture, there is still a lot of shame around sex, even for men. We all know the demeaning words that sexually fearless women can be called, and even men can be shamed by being labeled “womanizers”, or worse, “dogs.”